Sax & DJ

Are you tired of the same old DJ sets? Looking for something fresh and exciting? Look no further.

Imagine the energy and excitement of a traditional DJ set, but with the added flair and sophistication of live saxophone. The combination of electronic beats and soulful saxophone creates a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

Not only does the addition of a saxophonist bring a new level of artistry to the performance, it also allows for a greater range of musical styles to be incorporated into the set. From jazz and funk to pop and electronic, a DJ with saxophonist can cater to any crowd.

So if you want to elevate your event and surprise and delight your guests, book a DJ with saxophonist today!

Perfect at the nightclub, corporate party, wedding party, birthday party or just any party...

Sax on your song

Are you in need of a saxophonist for your recording project? Look no further!

With a background in both classical and contemporary music, Björn has the versatility and expertise to bring your music to life. Whether you need a smooth and sultry sax solo or a punchy and energetic hook, Björn has the skills and experience to deliver.

In addition to his musical talent, Björn is also a professional who understand the demands of the recording industry. They are reliable, punctual, and easy to work with, making them a valuable asset to any recording project.

So if you want to add the soul and passion of Björn, hire his saxophone skills today!

Bicycle Beat

The grooviest band to have ever walked on earth.

Are you looking to add some excitement and energy to your event? Introducing Bicycle Beat - a group of talented musicians who bring the party wherever they go!

This unique band consists of two saxophonists and a drummer whom plays on a bicycle. But don't let the unconventional setup fool you - these musicians are masters of their craft and know how to get a crowd moving.

With a repertoire of energetic and groovy music, Bicycle Beat is guaranteed to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. From funk and jazz to pop and rock, this band can play it all.

Not only is the Bicycle Sax Band a visually striking and memorable addition to any event, they also bring a level of fun and interactivity that is sure to delight audiences of all ages. So if you want to add some pedal power to your party, book Bicycle Beat!